Vitec Group, New Headquarters

Imagine an open space where visual filters allow different perceptions, vary with changing light and according to different points of view. Filters and light are the main ingredients needed to create a project which exhibits a sensory harmony by using the natural elements such as man, light and the weather.

By utilizing elements such as the pace and time of  day, changing seasons together with artificial elements such as architecture, furniture and lighting, we propose to create a photo-sensitive project which is sensitive to light. Using a similar technique to that used in the fixation of photographs the project will include natural elements as well as human beings. The highly technological and innovative character of the Vitec Group will be represented through the use of materials without compromising of the sensory and emotional experience. Furnishings will be reproduced using the same stylistic criteria by adding touches of color with a strong reference to the visible spectrum of light.

Vitec Group spa

year - site
2010, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italia