Superjet International, Showroom and offices

The area devoted to temporarily house the Superjet showroom is located in the northwestern part of the complex “Aeronavali” inside hangar D, occupying an area of approximately 1,420 square meters.

Aside from the functions within the hangar, the project involved the study of access, which would be marked and organized appropriately in order not to block or interfere with the flow of the existing business that exist there.

A covered walkway became the main connection between the outside and inside, leading the visitor directly to the main door.
The concept of “volume inside a volume” characterizes the presence of the showroom within the hangar, and is used as a way of organizing the internal spaces. The main container produces and hosts the smalles spaces, each of which is dedicated a specific function.
The design allows for clear identification and defines specific functional areas, whose configuration can be reused in the future.

Superjet International spa

year - site
2008, Tessera, VE, Italy