Finmeccanica, Pneumatic Architecture

Design of the pavillion for Finmeccanica at the 2006-2008-2010 editions at the Farnborough Airshow. The futuristic architectural design has striking features which presents itself in extraordinary ways.

The oval-shaped structure measures 1,000 square meters with another 300 on the upper level. The shape of the pavilion follows curved lines in plan and section creating a unified skin with no sharp edges or breaks on its surface. The shape of the structure is created pneumatically and composed of a double white PVC membrane that is both transparent both inside and out. Its organic shape with huge transparent bubbles suffuse the daylight, continually transforming the structures aesthetic in many different ways.

Finmeccanica spa

year - site
2006 - 2006, Farnborough Airshow, UK
2008 - Farnborough Airshow, UK
2010 - Farnborough Airshow, UK