New entrance to the Archaelogical Museum in the Roman Theatre

The project for the new entrance to the Archaelogical Museum in the Roman Theatre is the last of a cycle of works undertaken by our studio, contributing to the requalification of the San Pietro hill complex in Verona. Previous works include the restoration and conversion to museum of the old military station, the instalment of a new cable car to facilitate the ascension to the hill, and the rehabilitation of the Archaeological Museum.

The entrance to the Archaeological Museum through “Palazzo Fontana” has been moved to the nearby Piazza Martiri della Libertà. The new entrance benefits from a wider surface in comparison to the previous narrow pavement, which allows individual visitors and larger groups to enter the museum with ease.

The visitor can access the museum through a spacious fan staircase on the square, or through a ramp. Both staircase and ramp are coated in Levocell washed gravel, while the steps are characterised by limestone edges. The Corten railings are illuminated by a led lighting system that provides a suggestive atmosphere during the darker hours. The museum logo on the railings, laser-cut from a sheet metal, is also retro-illuminated.

Fondazione Cariverona

year - site
2017, Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano, Verona

project team
Studio GRISDAINESE, architetto Stefano Gris
Collaboratori: architetto Paola Papinutto

Responsabile del Procedimento:
Ing. Sergio Menon
Direzione Lavori:
Arch. Viviana Tagetto

Ducale Restauro S.r.l.

electrical systems
GEA Impianti S.r.l.

Avesani Assistenza
di Avesani Stefano
Mazzocato Silvio & C S.n.c. e Ceradini Michele