Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theatre

The project for the refurbishment of the Archaeological Museum in the Roman Theatre came to represent the fulcrum of the cultural district in the complex of San Pietro hill.

The project consists in four macro intervention areas:

  • Structural and architectural requalification of the historical building hosting the museum, with a restoration plan that comprises the conservation works, and static and anti-seismic adjustments.
  • Spatial reorganisation of the museum, widening of the exhibition area, and introduction of new display architectural elements, cafeteria, bookshop and labs.
  • Dismantling of the architectural barrier and reorganisation of the exhibition path, to increase the museum’s accessibility.
  • Technological and structural adjustments to the heating, alarm and security, and electricity systems

The museum project accommodates the Roman artefacts that were previously stored in the museum, now placed in new large glass cupboards. The walls and supports in white and pale grey confer the environment a bright atmosphere and highlight the graphical elements of the exhibition.

Fondazione Cariverona

year - site
2013 - 2016, Verona, Italy

project team
Progetto di restauro:
Paola Papinutto, Giorgia Favaretti, Arianna Garbin

Progetto di allestimento e grafico: Luisa Tonietto
Cinzia Maconi, Xiao Mei Hu,
Stefano Baseggio

Bawer spa

Operes srl

electrical systems
Studio Giunone

mechanical systems
Studio Giunone

SM Ingegneria Srl


Operes srl

Margherita Bolla, Paola Marini

Alessandra Chemollo