Castel San Pietro’s cable-car

Castel San Pietro’s cable-car system was designed by the Council of Verona between 1938 and 1941, and remained in use until 1944.

On June 9, 2017 the new cable car, designed by our studio, was inaugurated. The architectural intervention of our studio includes the renovation of the two stations, of the nearby little square and of the railway, and the realisation of a new intermediate station. Furthermore, we designed a new “futuristic” cable-car cabin.

We worked on a project that would imply only minimum changes to the existing stations. The design effort consisted mainly in adapting the structure to the procedures required for the right installation and functioning of the new cable car.

The elements of the new structure are designed to be a comprehensive part of the pre-existing technological organism; platforms, security gates, cabin, and railway are all characterised by the use of Corten metal sheets.

The infrastructure consists of a 154m long ascension system – a “leaning lift” that goes up to 54m. The cabin can carry 600 people per hour with a 25 people capacity and a maximum speed of 2,5 metres per second. Resembling a “contemporary chariot”, the avan-garde cable car is characterised by a sinuous and dynamic design, in harmony with the history and landscape of the place.

Fondazione Cariverona

year - site
2007 - 2017, Castel San Pietro, Verona

project team
Committente: Comune di Verona
Studio GRISDAINESE, architetto Stefano Gris
Collaboratori: architetto Elisabetta Bedeschi,
architetto Paola Papinutto

Responsabile dei lavori e direttore dei lavori:
architetto Stefano Gris

Progetto strutture:
Ingegnere Edoardo Ottoboni

Progetto Impianti meccanici per il trasporto:

Coordinatore per la sicurezza:
Ingegnere Enrico Firpo

Progetto cabina:
Leitner spa

Opere edili e impiantistiche: Impresa Campagnola