Field for Scattering Ashes

The site of construction comprised of an 18 x 200 meter rectangle. We attempted to create a structure that would frame a “man-made” artificial landscape consisting of two grassy knolls, over 3 meters high.

Among the grassy knolls lays the place to scatter ashes; a “sheet” constructed of Cor-ten steel, and pebbles which line its interior. The prestressed concrete frame, which spans approximately 14 meters, is mirrored in a tank constructed of cor-ten and filled with water which overflows whenever a breeze is present. The structure conveys a state of tranquility, a place of reflexion and mobility. The concrete box containing the toilets, will eventually become surrounded by vines which have been planted there.

Comune di Padova

year - site
2010, Cimitero Maggiore, Padua, Italy