Corporea – Museo Virtuale del Corpo Umano

Corporea is the first interactive museum in Europe dedicated to the human body. The surface of the museum extends over 5.000 mq, where the visitor follows a journey through the features of the human body and notions of biomedical science. Corporea not only reveals aspects of scientific and technological research, it also contributes to promoting health and a healthy walk of life.

We designed the museum aiming at creating an inclusive environment, a timeless space with balanced and formally “classical” characteristics.

The visitor’s journey is organised into 14 thematic isles with interactive displays; resting areas placed in between the isles allow the visitors to proceed with order at the pace he likes. The spatial design allows for a more flexible narrative of contents: the structure can be easily changed or integrated with new contents and material, by minimal alterations (especially thanks to the upraised flooring).

The design of Corporea is particularly significant because of the multi-shaped volumes of the architectural elements and the variety in materials and colours employed. With our project we aimed at creating a united and coherent space; hence the choice of a “connective tissue” that binds together the different sections of the museum, with sinuous shapes that provide a sense of continuity to the visitors.

Città della Scienza

year - site
2016, Napoli

1800 mq

project team
Luisa Tonetto
Cinzia Maconi (Grafica)