Ferrovie dello Stato, Conference Hall

The project ideas were inspired and created from the consideration of the existing shape of the room and the needs of the client for the management staff of the railways.

The brief stated that the room must respond to a series of technical requirements and a particular aesthetic in order to provide an appropriate image relevant to the ongoing renovation of the company and the strength that keeps it going.
The type of intervention seeks to depict the values of research and developments in the State Railways, something that the great masters of architecture have always pursued. The particular structure of the room with the entrance moved from one side, together with the need to obtain the best possible sound, have led us to design an asymmetric structure. Paradoxically, the real guarantee of good acoustics is a “big mess” within the architecture, and reminds us of the “auditorium H. Sharoon” in Berlin. The asymmetry provides a respectful relationship with the surrounding context. Interior finishes consist of four types of materials: wood, frosted glass, resin-colored “Smoke of London” and dark gray coconut. Lights and audio/video equipment are housed within the walls of the structure and the new counter-ceiling.

Ferrovie dello Stato spa

year - site
2002, Rome, Italy