Dainese, Logistics Center

The ‘New Logistics Center Dainese’ is one of the biggest automated warehouses with no need for human beings in Europe.

The Dainese Logistics Distribution Center , when opened in 2005, is one of the largest automated warehouses in Europe. Born as a simple technical volume, inhabited by robots for the storage of goods (no human presence, inside), has quickly assumed a role of front-building, not only for its size (it is clearly visible from the highway and the surrounding hills), but also for the visual dialogue that develops on its surface (projected images). For the skin of the building were used zinc titanium panels – oxide black (one of thea corporate colors) velvety finish and with joints kept to a minimum, to get a black finish, blank, neutral, which changes hues depending on the time.

Dainese Spa

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2005, Vicenza, Italy