Winery, GrisWine

Griswine is a farm situated at the foot of Monte Cero surrounded by the Euganean Hills Regional Park. Situated within a protected area, the Euganean Hills provide rich soils, rural traditions, art, and an inviting atmosphere.

The local traditions within the area inspired Stefano Gris and Silvia Dainese to found the company in 2005 and produce a new authentic wine. The production of wine takes place in an authentic underground container creating a mimesis between architecture and nature, combining architectural structure with outside vineyards. The company wanted to respond not only to a particular aesthetic but also to functional requirements and reduce its environmental impact as a modern wine factory.

With attention paid to the most modern manufacturing processes and with continuous research to improve knowledge of its native area, Griswine is now undertaking a conversion to Organic farming of its vineyards and focuses heavily on local wines, with much emphasis placed on recovering old varieties which were present in the ancient hills of Baone. Since its inception Griswine has promoted artistic, cultural, gastronomic events and exhibitions, with a comprehensive web communications specialist. Among other initiatives, the project ‘One Hundred More’ was created, a cooperative founded in July 2007 by a group of friends who share Stephen and Silvia’s passion for wine and local tradition.


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2007 - 2010, Baone, Padua, Italy