ANCV New Headquarters

The new headquarters of ANCV presents to visitors the main concepts  which govern the company’s activities: functionality, efficiency, innovative design solutions and new technologies.

The offices occupy an entire floor of a new office building as part of a larger project that includes the creation of a contemporary hotel, which offers customers the ability to host and organize meetings and conferences. The project is based on a clear distinction between formal areas for executive functions and separate areas for operational vocations. The executive rooms are hidden behind a large reception, so as to respect the privacy of the customer. Sliding glass panels face out toward a large park which further enhance the charm of the interior aesthetic.
The choice of finishes and furnishings are entirely custom-made to ensure the idea of luxury in line with the client’s image. Extreme attention was paid to clean, simple shapes using refined materials which drove much of the design process. Essentially, it was the lighting project combined with technical aspects to ensure proper illumination of work areas and the more ornamental and decorative aspects of the executive offices.


year - site
2008, Mestre, VE, Italy