New School Complex

The architectural language strives to develop forms and spaces that stimulate growth and senses as well as provide materials and technologies that respect the physical and mental health of children, together with the morphology and the condition of the premises.


Taking into account the shape and orientation of the site and the need to maximize space, common functions are organized together in the propositon of the construction of two main blocks; one for the Pole of the child, the other for Primary and Secondary years.

Each block is characterized by two volumes interconnected by the common areas, consists of a square grid mesh (a module classroom) situated along the longitudinal axis.

In the southernmost portion, priority is given to accessibility which originates from the Pole of childhood, and the area to the North of the site which hosts the elementary and middle school.

The rotation of the grid is determined by the desire to orientate all classrooms to the South, aiding the Elementary block.

A third building, which houses the gym and outpatient services, is developed in a less formal way and is determined by the visibility of “free” pathways and borders of play areas, which characterize the design of the surrounding architectural landscape.

Outdoor spaces

The design of the brief allows each school to have an area designated for outdoor play: the pole Nursery and Kindergarten outer space is in direct communication with the classroom teaching, for the Pole and Elementary/Middle schools there are circles of collective activities.

All external areas are protected by green shields in preference to road boundaries, with subdivisions and adjacent fences consisting of dividing tinted concrete walls, rhythmically interrupted by wire mesh boundaries.

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